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Discomfort is a satyrical inquest about modern unwellbeing. It’s a low-cost magazine committed to deconstruct Ego and the Self. An attemp to lower bulky personalities to a smaller size. It’s satire on a new-new age attitude that reduce psychological and spiritual paths to futile tips. The editorial team is functionally recreated by an author pleged in giving professionalism to dissociation.

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Author: Emanuele Martorelli
Instagram: Annalisa Polli
Events: Elisa Fantinel
Press Office: Giulia Civiletti
Semi-human translators: Bruce Tristram, Jonathan Withright,
Fabienne Perugia, Andrijana Mikecin

Magazine Office: some underrated workers that we will not even mention at all
Web Project: Eleonora Cugini e Gianluca Bernardo [ / ]

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    Author, musician, anthropologist and journalist, Emanuele Martorelli was born and grown in Rome until 1976. He writes soundtracks for shortmovies and documentaries and spot jingles for National Radio and TV. He released cds, album and multimedia books. His latest book “Starmale” has attracted media attention for a satire on a widespread and themed new age attitude such as wellness, healt and mind. Some of his songs and soundtracks are on CNN documentary “Go Rome”. Other works were published by london’s reviews website as Creative Review and NME. Won several prize with videoclips and shortmovies. As a freelance he write strips and reviews on various newspapers. In the free time he likes to faint. From a long time he’s trying to confine globalization on a local level. Since 2012 is the creator and director of Albe Animate, International Festival of Visual Arts. Is the author of the project (, a graphic-satyrical inquest about modern unwellbeing.